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Are you or a loved one facing federal charges and the prospect of prison time? We’ve been there, and we’re here to help.

At Prisoner Consulting, our mission is to guide federal defendants and inmates toward a brighter future. We offer expert guidance and support during these challenging times.

Book an appointment now and take the first step towards a better tomorrow. Our experienced team, who have walked the same path, is dedicated to helping you navigate the complexities of the federal justice system and the Bureau of Prisons (BOP). Please note that we do not provide legal advice; instead, we offer invaluable insights based on our own experiences.

Please note that we do not provide legal advice; instead, we offer invaluable insights based on our own experiences.

We’ll walk step by step with you and your family, providing unwavering support and guidance. We can also help you understand the First Step Act, CARES Act and explore all options for reducing your sentence.

Together, we can help you unlock your potential and overcome the obstacles that lie ahead. You and your family shouldn’t face this journey alone. Trust Prisoner Consulting to be your partner in securing a more promising future.

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About Us

Facing federal charges can be an intimidating and bewildering experience. The intricacies of the federal prison system may seem overwhelming, but you do not have to navigate this path alone. At Prisoner Consulting, we are here to offer personalized consulting services to federal defendants, their defense attorneys, and those already incarcerated.

Our Services

Sentence Reduction Strategies

Amendment 821 – Unlocking Retroactive Sentence Reductions for Federal Inmates

Early Release Eligibility Evaluation

Unlock Your Path to Freedom: Estimate Your Early Release Date with Our FREE Calculator

First Step Act expertise

Your Key to Early Release and Reform

Book and E-Book Publishing

Unlock Your Creativity: Publish Your Work from Prison with Prisoner Consulting. Let your words inspire the world, even from behind bars

Document Retrieval

At Prisoner Consulting, we recognize the critical importance of efficient document retrieval tailored for the specific needs of federal criminal defendants and inmates

Comprehensive Consulting

Your Brighter Future with Prisoner Consulting. Contact us to get started


Unlock Your Innovation Potential with Prisoner Consulting

“with Prisoner Consulting. He helped me navigate the sentencing process helping me to receive a reduced sentence. He provided encouragement and was always available. Now, as I prepare to surrender to begin my sentence, I’m filled with hope, thanks to their personal and hands-on approach.”

Rick P


“Facing federal prison was daunting, but Prisoner Consulting guided me through it, connecting me with vital resources. Their constant support played a crucial role in my successful re-entry. I highly recommend them to anyone facing federal charges. Don’t take a step without them.”

Raphew R

“With the wraparound services provided by the Prisoner Consulting’s team, I was able to navigate the BOP system, received a reduced sentence, and found hope during my prison time. Their unwavering support helped me successfully reintegrate into society. I’m eternally grateful.”

Ben L

“As a long time Federal criminal defense attorney, I turned to Charlie with Prisoner Consulting for the inside baseball of how the BOP works. He’s an expert and their team was nothing but professional. I was able to help several of my clients because of his assistance.”

Michael M

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