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What clients can expect when they choose our Prisoner Consulting firm:

Alternative Sentencing Assistance

  • You’re not alone in this journey. Our team has been right where you are, and we understand the emotional challenges you’re facing.
  • We’ll personally walk you through your case, drawing from our own experiences, and help you explore alternative sentencing options.
  • We’ll craft customized strategies with empathy and care, making sure your unique story is heard and understood.
  • We’ll even work closely with your attorneys sharing with them our inside knowledge of the system.


Prison Designation Evaluation and Recommendation

  • We’re not just consultants; we’re your companions on this path. Our team includes individuals who have navigated the very system you’re entering.
  • We’ll take the time to get to know your situation intimately and recommend the ideal prison placement as close to home as possible, considering your needs, fears and concerns.
  • Our empathy shines through as we assist you in addressing any health concerns or issues related to your designated facility.


Pre-Surrender Incarceration Consulting Services

  • The days leading up to incarceration can be overwhelming. We’ll provide the emotional support and practical guidance you and your family need.
  • Our team understands the rollercoaster of emotions you’re experiencing and will offer insights into BOP regulations and guidelines, helping you prepare effectively for day one and every day thereafter.
  • We’re here to connect you with resources and support networks, driven by a deep sense of empathy to ease this challenging transition.
  • We even offer a HOTLINE available for those urgent calls.


Post-Incarceration Services

  • After your release, you’re not just another case to us. We’re here to help you rebuild your life, offering our hand in empathy and understanding.
  • We’ll assist you in finding employment, housing, and the essential resources, with the knowledge of the hurdles faced by former inmates.
  • We can help you restore your credit to get ready for all those necessities.
  • Our ongoing guidance is rooted in genuine care and mentorship from individuals who’ve successfully walked the path to reintegration themselves.
  • In fact, we start BEFORE you get release so you can be ready to hit the ground running!

$1,500 – $3,000

Prison-Based Sentence Analysis & Reduction Assistance

  • Our experts aren’t just professionals; they’re compassionate individuals who’ve experienced the complexities of the criminal justice system firsthand.
  • We’ll conduct a comprehensive analysis of your sentence, knowing the weight of each decision made.
  • With empathy, we’ll plan strategies and provide document preparation to help you pursue a sentence reduction, making use of the “2 point reduction” and other BOP programs like the First Step Act and Compassionate Release


Federal Clemency

  • Federal Clemency Mastery: We’re here to guide you with precision through the federal clemency procedures to include commutation (reduced sentence) and/or a pardon.  
  • Our deep knowledge of federal sentencing guidelines, halfway house placement, and home confinement comes from our own experiences.
  • You’ll have a dedicated team that truly cares, with an insider’s perspective on federal laws and regulations to help you prepare the necessary documents you need to apply for Commutation.

$4,500 – $15,000

Felony Friendly Apartments

  • Felony Friendly Apartments: Offering rental housing options that welcome individuals with felony convictions.
  • Providing safe and stable accommodations to help rebuild lives.
    Creating supportive, non-discriminatory environments for all residents.
  • Believing in second chances and promoting inclusive communities.


State Clemency

  • State Clemency Insight: We’ll work with you personally to tailor strategies for applying for clemency at the state level.
  • Our specialized expertise in navigating state-specific legal processes and regulations is accompanied by heartfelt support.
  • Our advocacy is fueled by a genuine desire to see you succeed within state systems.


Felony Friendly Jobs

  • Felony Friendly Jobs: Connecting individuals with felony convictions to employment opportunities.
  • Partnering with employers who believe in second chances and inclusive hiring.
  • Offering resources and support to help rebuild careers.


When you choose us, you’re not just hiring consultants; you’re welcoming a group of individuals who genuinely care about your journey. We’ve walked your path, and our empathy, compassion, and relatability are the cornerstones of our service. Your story is our story, and together, we’ll navigate this challenging chapter with understanding and determination. Contact us – we want to help you and your family.

Prisoner Consulting is not a law firm, we are a document preparation company and more.  Our specialists are trained to help you with our Prisonator products and services. However, they cannot provide you with legal advice as Prisoner Consulting is not a law firm.

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