About prisoner consulting


Facing federal charges can be an intimidating and bewildering experience. The intricacies of the federal prison system may seem overwhelming, but you do not have to navigate this path alone. At Prisoner Consulting, we are here to offer personalized consulting services to federal defendants, their defense attorneys, and those already incarcerated.

Our Journey Through the System

Our team of expert consultants has firsthand experience in the criminal justice system, and we have successfully utilized key legislation like the First Step Act, CARES Act, and navigated the complexities of halfway houses and home confinement. We know how to make the system work for you because we’ve been there ourselves.

Unlocking a Brighter Future with Prisoner Consulting

Prisoner Consulting is dedicated to helping you unlock the potential for a brighter future. We understand intimately the challenges and uncertainties you are facing, and we are committed to guiding you and your family through every step of this journey.

Our expertise extends to providing insights on how to potentially reduce sentences and secure early release, up to 50% off your sentence. But our support goes beyond these strategies.

Empowering Your Spirit

Life behind bars can be demanding, but with the right mindset, it is possible not only to endure but to thrive. At Prisoner Consulting, we are here to assist you in maintaining a positive outlook during this challenging time and emerging from it as a stronger, wiser, and better person.

Please note that, while we do not provide legal advice, our firsthand experience and profound understanding of the system can offer invaluable support and guidance.

You Are a VIP

With Prisoner Consulting , you are not just another case; you are a VIP. Let us help you remain “unbroken” on your journey toward justice and freedom.

Do not allow the system to define you. Redefine the system with our assistance. Stay unbroken!