First Step Act Consulting: Your Guide to Freedom

Welcome to First Step Act Consulting, your pathway to freedom through the First Step Act. Discover how this act transforms the federal prison system and helps you get out early.

Assessing Risk and Earning Time Credits

The First Step Act mandates the Bureau of Prisons to assess federal inmates for their risk of recidivism, classifying them as minimum, low, medium, or high risk. This classification determines the potential to earn time credits through rehabilitative programs, which can be redeemed for early release into halfway houses or home confinement, offering a smoother reintegration for minimum- and low-risk inmates.

For medium- and high-risk prisoners, redemption of time credits requires a petition, warden approval, and ensuring they aren’t likely to re-offend or pose a public safety threat, with possible return to prison upon violation.

Optimizing Home Confinement Placement

The First Step Act improves home confinement placement by maximizing time permitted under current law for lower-risk inmates and striving to place them within 500 driving miles of their homes for closer family support.

At First Step Act Consulting, we guide you through these transformative changes, helping you unlock the potential of the First Step Act. Embark on your journey to freedom today.

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