Unleash Your Creativity: Publishing Your Work from Behind Bars

Do you have a treasure trove of stories, poems, recipes, “how-to” ideas, and more waiting to be shared with the world, even from within the confines of prison? Look no further! At Prisoner Consulting, we offer you a unique opportunity to bring your creativity to life and connect with an audience through book publishing and E-books. And if you need assistance, our expert ghostwriting services are available for a reasonable fee.

At Prisoner Consulting we provide a dynamic platform to express your thoughts and ideas, whether you’re penning down heartfelt poems, sharing culinary delights, or offering valuable “how-to” insights. No writing experience? No problem! Our platform is designed to make the process accessible to all.

Prisoner Consulting welcomes federal inmates to submit their collection of poems, recipes, “how-to” guides, and more for review. Whether you want to share the flavors of your favorite dishes, the beauty of your verses, or your expertise on various subjects, we’re here to support you.

If your work is selected by our review committee, we will not only publish it for FREE (as an E-book) but also provide you with an opportunity to earn a 30% commission (up to $3 per download) for every paid E-book download. Imagine not only sharing your creations but also being compensated for them. Your work has the power to inspire, educate, and entertain, leaving a lasting impact on your loved ones and a wider audience.

For traditional book publishing, we do charge a reasonable and affordable fee to cover the associated costs.

If you prefer to have your work professionally ghostwritten, we offer this service for a affordable fee. Our experienced writers can transform your ideas into beautifully crafted books or E-books that resonate with readers.

When you’re ready to publish your collection of poems, recipes, “how-to” guides, or any other work, Prisoner Consulting is here to assist you throughout the process. We’ll host your book or E-book on our platform, making it easily downloadable for readers around the world. Our commitment to accessibility is unwavering, and we provide flexible payment plans to ensure that this opportunity is within reach for everyone.

Unleash your creativity with Prisoner Consulting today, and let your voice be heard, even from behind bars.

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