The Prisonator’s Path: From Adversity to Empowerment in Federal Prison

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From a former Texas senator to a life behind bars, my journey took a dramatic turn as I was sentenced to 12 years in federal prison. Yet, within the cold confines of prison, I discovered an inner strength and determination that transformed me into the “Prisonator.” Through my 7-point strategy that I developed – the “7 P’s” – I not only survived prison but also found a path to redemption and personal growth plus strength. This summary chronicles my transformative journey, revealing the power of resilience, pride, progress, perseverance, and the wisdom of philosophy and prayer. My hope is that these principles can inspire others, whether they find themselves in prison behind physical bars or their own prison, facing their own personal struggles.

Pivot – Hit It and Pivot:

When the walls of prison closed around me, I knew I had to change my perspective. I embraced the idea of “hitting it and pivoting”, leaving behind the regrets of the past and focusing on the possibilities of the present and future. This shift in mindset allowed me to reclaim control over my life, even in the midst of confinement. I understood that my path to redemption began with a conscious decision to pivot towards positive change and personal growth.

Pride – One Event does not define You:

Embracing pride became my shield against shame and self-doubt. While I acknowledged the mistakes that led me to prison, I refused to let them define my worth. Instead, I nurtured a sense of pride in my potential to become a better version of myself. This newfound pride motivated me to strive for excellence, not only for myself but also as an inspiration to others around me.

Persist – Resist and Persist:

Prison life tested my resolve, but I chose to resist the urge to give up. I remained steadfast in my commitment to persist and resist any negative influences that threatened my progress. Through unwavering determination, I engaged in educational pursuits, physical fitness, and soulful growth, refusing to be defeated or broken by the challenges that lay ahead.

Progress – Mind, Body, and Soul:

Throughout my incarceration, I pursued progress in all aspects of my life – mind, body, and soul. I dedicated myself to acquiring knowledge, improving my physical fitness, and nurturing my spiritual well-being. This holistic approach to progress empowered me to see each day as an opportunity for growth and transformation.

Persevere – Never Quit Because I Don’t Know How to Quit:

In the darkest moments of prison life, I found the strength to persevere. I refused to quit because quitting was not in my nature. No matter how tough the road became, I held fast to my vision of a brighter future. Perseverance became my guiding principle, reminding me that every step forward, no matter how small, brought me closer to the person I aspired to be.

Philosophy – Stoicism; Amor Fati:

To navigate the emotional challenges of prison, I turned to the wisdom of Stoicism. Embracing its principles, I learned to accept what I couldn’t change and focus on what was within my control. I found solace in Amor Fati – the love of fate – which encouraged me to embrace my circumstances with gratitude and find meaning in every experience.

Prayer (Meditation) – God is great:

Amidst the hardships of prison life, prayer and meditation became my source of inner strength. Through these practices, I found peace and connected with something greater than myself – God. Prayer provided me with the courage to face each day with hope and resilience, while meditation allowed me to quiet my mind and find clarity in the chaos.


My journey as the “Prisonator” exemplifies the triumph of the human spirit over adversity and the power of redemption. The “7 P’s” – Pivot, Pride, Persist, Progress (Mind, Body, and Soul), Persevere, Philosophy (Stoicism; Amor Fati), and Prayer (Meditation) – are guiding principles that can inspire anyone facing their own prison, whether behind physical bars or within their hearts and minds. Now, as I step far beyond the prison walls, I carry with me the lessons and inspiration gained throughout this transformative journey, knowing that the path to redemption is accessible to all who dare to embrace change and seek personal growth.  I know these principles will help you as well.

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